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Discover Dairy in your everyday

Welcome to This is Dairy Farming

A celebration of all things related to the dairy farm. Join us as we explore how milk is made, why dairy farmers and their cows are so important to Britain, and just how dairy farming touches our lives. In fact, the milk in your tea is just one of the ways you Discover Dairy in your everyday. If you want to get involved, you'll find details of local events, shows and competitions right here. Take a look!

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A quick spot of brekkie

Join Britain's dairy farmers on a journey to discover the everyday ways that their delicious dairy products and lush countryside touch your daily lives. Breakfast is only the beginning...

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Red Tractor

Trust The Tractor

Look out for a quality logo on packaging, not just on milk, but on other products such as butter, cheese and yogurt. The flag in the Red Tractor logo, for example the Union Jack, indicates the origin of the produce.

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Mary Quicke

Farmer diary: Mary Quicke

Mary Quicke's family has been farming for more than 450 years. The dairy is the heart of the farm, where 500 cows produce creamy milk for her award-winning cheeses. Read all the latest news from Mary's farm here.

Mary's diary
Cows at the farm

Making memories on the farm

Winning a behind-the-scenes tour and overnight stay at a dairy farm gave DiscoverDairy competition winner Alison Melrose and family a chance to make memories together.

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Milk splash

Support dairy farming in Britain

In the current climate, as dairy farmers face many financial challenges, we want you to get a feel for the passion and commitment that goes into every drop of milk. Find out more on how you can help.

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Did U know that #milk has been part of the human diet for thousands of years and drank in ancient Egypt? #MilkIt

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