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What's happening with the milk price?

What's happening with the milk price?

Many dairy farmers have seen their milk price fall dramatically and lots of you have contacted us to ask how you can help. Please show YOUR support for our hard work, passion and commitment that goes into every drop of milk produced.

Here are just a few simple ways you can help make a difference:

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Trust The Tractor – Look out for a quality logo on packaging, on milk and all your dairy products. The flag in the Red Tractor logo, for example the Union Jack, indicates the origin of the produce. Find out more

Supermarket Challenge

Speak to your retailer and ask
- How their sourcing policy supports farming in Britain across all dairy products?

Take the #DairyPromise and show your support for dairy farming - by pledging to look for a quality logo, such as the Red Tractor, on all your dairy produce.

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These are really challenging times for dairy farmers.

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However, liquid milk is only part of the picture…

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Your support can make a difference to Britain’s dairy farmers

To download a copy of the leaflet to share with friends and family click here