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Adam Henson

Adam Henson

Why I'm backing dairy farming - "this is a modern dynamic industry producing great food to great standards.”

Adam Henson, TV’s top presenter is supporting This is Dairy Farming and urging you, the British public to 'Discover Dairy' through a series of online videos. With recent research suggesting an alarming lack of knowledge among consumers about the origins of food, and more and more people are asking more questions about where their food comes from, the 'Discover Dairy' campaign encourages you to learn and understand more about dairy farming in a fun and engaging way.  

Adam says: 

“I’m really pleased to be working with British dairy farmers on such an important campaign. It’s vital that dairy farmers get the word out that this is a modern dynamic industry producing great food to great standards. I’m proud to support British dairy farming - we produce some of the best food in the world, with high welfare standards and good traceability.The Discover Dairy campaign is about people finding out more about all the good things dairy farmers do and I’m delighted to do what I can to help.”

The videos look at the journey milk makes from farm to fridge and answer children’s quirky questions about cows and farming; one even provides a unique 90-second insight into a cow’s life – filmed from her own perspective.

Now more than ever it’s important to know that the milk, cheese and other dairy products millions of us enjoy every day come from a trusted source.

Adam Henson features in a new series of videos to help you #DISCOVERDAIRY - VIEW ALL