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Anne Homer hails from Chisbury Lane Farm, set on the edge of the historic Savernake Forest in Marlborough, Wiltshire. She's a 3rd generation dairy farmer – but going into farming wasn't always the plan...

"I grew up on Chisbury Lane Farm with my parents and two older brothers. I was always happy to go outside to help Mum with the calves and pass Dad the occasional spanner thinking I was incredibly helpful!

As I started to grow into my teenage years, I realised socialising and working at the local pub was more fun. So I became adamant I’d never become a farmer or marry one (there were too many in my family already).

Then a couple of years ago, I spent six months working abroad. When I got home, I was in need of a job and the family business was in need of another person. So, I brushed off my cobwebby wellies and started rearing the calves.

Now here we are, two years later, and I can honestly say I've found my job to be the most rewarding and satisfying one I’ve ever had. You really can't beat working with the animals and I love the 'office'! The view from the field opposite the farm house all the way across the farm is truly something else.

We use forage-based milk production. Our herd of lady cows – Holstein Friesian cross and Jersey cross breed – produce around 11,500 litres of milk each year. We also farm arable crops, including wheat, barley and oilseed rape.

If I wasn't a farmer, I'd definitely be working in travel and tourism; I'm a traveller at heart. Favourite destination? I can't pick just one! I'd have to say Melbourne, Australia and Norway – in no particular order."