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My name is Daniel Rowe and I'm a dairy farmer in West Cornwall, 16 miles from Land's End.

The views are great

Although the farm is in the middle of nowhere, you can look out of the yard and see out to sea. You can see for miles! I love the freedom; away from hectic city life and being out in the fresh air!

I grew up on the farm

I've been farming all my life. We have 180 milking Pedigree Holstein cows on a conventional system. This means they're housed during winter then graze on the lush grass in summer. Being in one of the most westerly parts of Great Britain, we have amazing grass-growing conditions here, so the cows can graze away happily. The cows are milked twice a day and the milk we produce is used to make delicious clotted cream.

We don’t just milk cows!

We're always looking at ways to improve what we do and are a part of the Entry Level Stewardship(ELS) – a land management scheme open to all farmers to help wildlife thrive alongside the working farm. In addition to this, sustainability is important to us. So, we’ve installed a 50KVA solar unit which will generate all the electricity we need whilst milking.

Daniel Rowe

It’s important to help people understand our industry

We take every opportunity to inform the public about what goes on behind the farm gate to get food to their plates. From the nutritionist  that helps ensure the cows have a healthy balanced diet, to the way the cows are milked and how much they produce – every aspect is essential.

I'm a member of my local Young Farmers' Club

That's Helston & St. Keverne Young Farmers Club (YFC). One of the largest rural youth organisations in the UK, YFC gives its members unique opportunities to develop their skills and take part in varied competitions. I've taken part in several public speaking events and have represented Cornwall in stock judging (dairy and beef), both at national level.

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I have a real passion for technology

Any spare time I have is spent programming or surfing the net. Right now, I'm working on projects that will interlink the public and farming interactively through social media and a website. I'm also looking to develop tools that will help manage the day-to-day running of the herd.

The cows certainly keep you busy

But I don’t mind. That's what makes farming such an interesting career choice!