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What is a herd health plan?

What is a herd health plan?

Just like us, cows have a good chance to stay healthy if they eat the right food and get plenty of exercise and rest. But like us, cows can feel poorly - and they won't be able to tell us if they are. That's part of why a herd health plan is so important for dairy farmers.


The herd health plan also helps farmers demonstrate that their husbandry and welfare meet nationally agreed levels of best practice for Red Tractor. 


Farm vet Matt Dobbs says: A health plan is an agreement between the farmer and vet showing how we're going to manage the cows to make sure that they're healthy and well cared for. It covers every topic from how we're going to house the cows to how we're going to feed them, right through to any preventative strategies such as vaccinations and ways that we're going to treat and look after our cows." 


The health plan is reviewed at least once a year.