This is Dairy Farming

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Dairy farming is an exciting, dynamic industry - dairy farmers use sophisticated technology to care for their cows.

The dairy farming industry is much more technologically sophisticated than most people would assume. Ensuring the cows are cared for at the highest level has moved on leaps and bounds, to help farmers’ spot early signs of any problems and to make sure the herd is as healthy as possible. 

From automatic cow back scratchers to robotic milking, a fully automated system where the cows choose when they want to get milked, through to driverless machinery where a distant satellite provides the instruction that steers that machinery! Dairy farming is definitely the industry to be in if you love technology.

A field of dairy cows might not look out of the ordinary at surface level, however many farmers have chips or collars on each of the cows, which monitor their health and wellbeing at all times. They also help to identify any changes in the herd’s health quickly and effectively. In fact, farmers can also check up on their herd via the internet, which means that even when they’re away from the farm, they can see how each one is behaving using signals sent from collars around the cows’ necks. 

Farmers also have the task of being birthing partner to many of their cows, using technology to monitor when the cow is about to go into labour. 

If you love technology then the dairy industry is definitely one to look into, offering cutting edge methods to meet our daily demand for dairy.