This is Dairy Farming

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This is Dairy Farming

Find out what dairy farmers do to produce milk in a way that is best for their cows and the environment.

What do Britain's dairy farmers do? Well, their number one priority is keeping their lady cows happy and healthy. This means making sure they get wholesome food and plenty of water. Cows are sociable creatures too. So they need plenty of space to move around and spacious barns to rest in.

But the dairy farmer's work doesn't end with their cows; our friendly farmers are countryside curators too. They're doing all that they can to protect the environment – from using fertilisers responsibly to managing wildlife corridors where nature can flourish. In fact, they're so proud of their work that they built this very website!

See the dairy farmer in action here, and feel free to have a look around our site and Discover Dairy with us.