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Welcome to This is Dairy Farming

Welcome to This is Dairy Farming

British dairy farming deserves to be celebrated – which is exactly why This is Dairy Farming is here. British dairy farmers are the reason you can enjoy that fresh cold milk on your cereal, the creamy butter on your jacket spud or the gooey deliciousness of cheese on toast.

You see, dairy farming really does touch our lives throughout our everyday not just our environment but our foods too. So how do some of these delicious products get from farm to fridge? This is Dairy Farming will show you. It all starts with the dairy cows; keeping these ladies happy and healthy is a farmer's number one priority – and what a life they have! If they're not resting and having regular pedicures then they're eating and socialising. Even calves get their own crèche where they can play with their mates!

Discover the life of cows in our videos: from what they eat and how they breed, to where they sleep – it's all here. Plus, we've got direct links to some of the country's leading farmers to find out just what goes on at the farm. Read all the latest happenings in our regular Farmer Diary.

If you think dairy farming is all herding and hand-milking, think again; modern dairy farming is becoming increasingly more technical than ever before. We'll show you all the latest innovations hitting the dairy farming scene, as well as giving you some ideas and suggestions around a career in the industry. Dairy farming really is an exciting and rewarding profession – plus you can't beat the view from the 'office'!

This is Dairy Farming. Discover Dairy in your everyday.