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Make the most of your farm visit

Make the most of your farm visit

Dairy farming has been part of the fabric of British life for centuries and forms an integral part of our ‘favourite things’ in the food chain but is one of those things that you can take so easily for granted. However, it can be so easy to find out more – all you have to do is put on a pair of wellies and go visit a farm!

Whether it’s discovering the milking parlour, gaining an insight in to the cows’ routine or simply talking to the farmers – there is something for everyone to enjoy. So the next time that you visit your local farm shop or pub, you’ll remember the everyday ways that dairy farming touches your life.



Visiting as a family

If you'd like to get involved with dairy farming and would like to visit a farm, why not explore the Open Farm Sunday website and find a farm near you who's opening their doors?

Open Farm Sunday is a fantastic project which has seen hundreds of farmers across the UK opening their farm doors for one Sunday every year. It is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to come onto the farm and learn about what's involved in being a dairy farmer.


Visiting as a school

If you're looking to organise a visit for your class or your local school, have a chat with Face or RHET, who can put you in touch with farms who host class visits on a regular basis.

RHET (Scotland only) - The Royal Highland Education Trust aims to provide the opportunity for every child in Scotland to learn about food, farming and the countryside. They offer farm visits as well as classroom speakers, educational resources and exciting competitions and projects.

FACE - FACE works with schools and young people to bring farming and education together. They promote farm visits as well as facilitating farm-based or classroom-based activities and projects.